What is a Parrot Head

A Parrot Head is a phan of the singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett…..But we’re much more than that.  Parrot Heads come from all walks of life and range in age from children, called KEETS, to grandparents and every one in between.  “We are the people your parents warned you about”.  We like to have fun, but we also have a serious side.  Parrot Heads and their clubs do lots of charity work and support many worthwhile and different causes.  The SIPHC helps out charities both locally and internationally.

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Being a Parrot Head is a lifestyle and a state of mind.  Parrot Heads, regardless of where we live,  know that the island is only a CD and boat drink away.  Whether we are with a group of our PHRIENDS or by ourselves all we have to do is turn on the music, grab our favorite refreshment, lay back and close our eyes and we are there.  You can almost feel the ocean breeze.

The term Parrot Head was bestowed upon us at a concert in Cincinnati many years ago.  When noticing the tropically inspired costumes and props, so prevelent at a Buffett show, Jimmy commented that the audience reminded him of DEAD HEADS….just substitute the tie-dyes and beads for Hawaiian shirts and flower lei’s.  Band member Timothy B. Schmit replied that we weren’t DEAD HEADS, we were PARROT HEADS!!!!!!!  And the name has stuck ever since.